Keeping Mangroves? – Experiences from regular hobbyist’s perspective with Inappropriate Reefer –

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For this video, we are collaborating with one of my favorite youtubers, “Mok-yi the Inappropriate Reefer,” to talk about his experience with the ever-popular mangrove plants in aquariums. Mangroves were originally made popular by Julian Sprung, and more and more hobbyists have been putting them in their home aquariums with moderate success.

In the past, in order to fine tune things for greater success in keeping these beautiful plants, I requested help from Julian himself, but I wanted you guys to get different voices and perspectives as well. This is where Mok-yi comes in. Many of you know how genuine and authentic he is in his journey of reef keeping and how he shares all of his failures as well as his successes.

This is what he learned, his tips and his perspective. I also wanted to get Jake involved because he and I had some in-depth conversations about this topic that was slightly different from Julian’s a few years ago at RAP, but I was never able to… One thing that I can share from Jake is that he experienced better health and growth when he misted the leaves of the mangroves with freshwater and washed off some of the salt, instead of Julian’s “don’t do anything” approach.

I hope you guys enjoy this collaboration and learn something new! If you have any other tips/advice please comment down below. I would love to hear from you!

Happy reefing!

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