Kessil drops price on popular A150W to $225


Kessil’s A150W LED aquarium light packs a lot of photons into a small, compact package and is a great buy for anyone looking for a quality LED fixture for their tank. Indeed, Kessil has remained a popular light choice for reefkeepers based on Marine Depot’s Aquarium Lighting listing with Kessil as one of the Top Selling Brands for many months running.  The A150W light in combination with their pendant gooseneck clamp / mount make for a great way to hang the light without a lot of fuss.

This $40 drop happened at a nice time of the year as reefkeepers begin making out their Christmas Wish Lists, and I am sure a lot of people will add them given this pricing adjustment. According to Kessil, this price drop covers the Deep Ocean Blue, Ocean Blue, Sky Blue, and Amazon Sun fixtures.

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