Kessil Lighting Debuts A150W LED Aquarium Light in Three Spectrums

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Kessil Lighting Debuts A150W LED Aquarium Light in Three Spectrums

The new Kessil A150W LED pendant.

Kessil’s official press release:

Richmond, CA—Continually finding new ways to apply Dense Matrix LED™ technology, Kessil is proud to present the new A150W LED aquarium light. With its innovative design and high quality, radiant light, it uses an advanced LED platform to offer light for aquariums, expanding Kessil’s market reach to beyond the horticulture industry.

Using the same reliable, high power core technology of other Kessil products, A150W emulates a point source that is intensely bright and able to reach to the bottom of the tank. It also provides the highly sought after shimmer effects of a metal halide without the excess power consumption and heat.

The three specially created spectrums of A150W bring out the beauty of blue water and vivid colors of coral. The SKY BLUE model spectrum emits light similar to a 10000 K light, allowing water to sparkle while providing coral with optimized wavelengths. The OCEAN BLUE model’s unique mix of wavelengths closely resembles a 15000 K light, producing a natural looking light for a brighter tank. Finally, the DEEP OCEAN BLUE model’s special blend of wavelengths simulates a 20000 K light for a deep blue color.

The OCEAN BLUE is available now in online and retail stores. The SKY BLUE and DEEP OCEAN BLUE models will be available in May. For more information on A150W, please visit

About Kessil®

Kessil Lighting designs and manufactures innovative LED lighting products for the horticulture and aquarium industries. Kessil is a business division of DiCon Fiberoptics, Inc., a leading 25-year-old technology company in the photonics industry. Using DiCon’s patented high power Dense Matrix LED™ platform, Kessil’s products produce a powerful, penetrating stream of light. Each LED chip emits only one wavelength, allowing various spectrums to be created by grouping different types of LED chips together. As a result, Kessil can populate chips with specific wavelengths onto DiCon’s array. For this purpose, Kessil’s research team continues to rigorously search for different spectrum recipes to enhance plant and coral growth. With this constant quest for the best spectrums, Kessil is leading The Spectral Revolution.®

For more information on Kessil, please visit


Advanced Aquarist has also learned additional information not specified in Kessil’s press release:

  • The LED outputs approximately 30 watts of light (draws only 36 watts of energy), with a light output equivalent to a 150W metal halide.
  • Dimensions are 4″ x 2.48″ (length x diameter) … a very compact housing compared to other LED pendants currently on the market.
  • Coverage is stated as 24″ diameter at 12-18″ installed height.
  • Suggested retail price is between $257.  If Kessil’s growlights are any indication, these new aquarium lights should have a street price just north of $200.



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