Korallen Zucht Introduces new Coral System

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Korallen-Zucht 2 - reefs

Korallen-Zucht (KZ), the creators of the Zeovit System have come up with a new coral feeding platform that they are referring to as the “Coral System”

KZ’s Coral System is a four part system designed to provide vital elements and compounds that consists of 4 individual components that will be offered in the US as a “Synergy Package”. The package is available in a 4 x 250ml bottles for smaller aquariums and a 4 x 500ml package for larger aquariums. The purpose of the Coral System is to provide trace elements and organic compounds vital to cellular as well as building mass and producing color pigments. Although each component can be used as a standalone product the best results are achieved when they are used in combination with each other.  The bottles can be purchased separately from the kit.  The 250ml individual bottles are $19.99 while the 500ml bottles are $33.99.  The 4 bottle 250ml kit is $72.99 and the 500ml kit is $124.99.  MORE

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