Let’s Get Postal: A Sneak Peak At 10 Piscine-Themed Stamps

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stamps2Whether you’re a reefer who’s hobbies also cross into stamp collecting, or, like me, you just adore all things from the deep blue and would love to dot your letters with something fishy, you should take a look at this handsome collection of postage from Coral Reef Photos. The stamps feature deep water fish of Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, all photographed by Barry Brown. For the past four years, Brown has been working with the Smithsonian Institution, employing a submersible dubbed “Curasub” to seek new fish and invert species of Curacao. Photographing his excursions, he has situated a few of these images onto the stamps as a means of sharing his discoveries. Their release is a collaboration between the Smithsonian Institution and Substation Curacao with the objective of raising awareness of ocean conservation and to encourage people to reconsider their role in protecting our reefs.

In addition, the team is also heading the “DROP” project (Deep Reef Observation Project), focusing on the deep reefs off the coast of Curacao. Carole Baldwin of the Smithsonian explains, “This opportunity arose because of the availability of the Curasub, providing scientists the opportunity to observe, collect specimens and tissue samples, and
monitor biodiversity on deep reefs. DROP, which currently involves nearly 30 Smithsonian marine scientists and staff and several external collaborators, is in its fourth year of exploring deep-reef biodiversity and is completing its second year of monitoring. The taxonomic results to date are remarkable: at least 30 new species of fishes and
invertebrates have been discovered.” And, as previously remarked, you can have ten of those brilliant species on your mail. Or in a book, or tucked away safely somewhere, or whatever floats your boat. Perhaps this will inspire you to send out some good old-fashioned snail mail. They’re all pretty remarkable, but I particularly like the Yellowbar Basslet, Lipogramma robinsi, pictured below. Here’s a list of the featured fish.

#1 Blade-fin Bass, Jeboehlkia gladifer

#2 Yellowbar Basslet, Lipogramma robinsi

#3 Spanish Flag, Gonioplectrus hispanus

#4 Spottail Golden Bass, Liopropoma santi

#5 Anthias Bass, Anthias asperilinguis

#6 Banded Basslet, Lipogramma evides

#7 Deep Sea Toad, Chaunax pictus

#8 Longfin Scorpionfish, Scorpaena agassizii

#9 Saber Goby, Antilligobius nikkiae

#10 Dragonette, Foetorepus new species

The stamps should be available around the world from most top stamp agencies, but if you simply cannot wait to have them in your possession, drop a line to the Curacao Philatelic office to arrange to order them now. They can be contacted here: [email protected].

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