Let’s talk about Eels with Amy King

by | Jan 6, 2023 | Fish | 4 comments

  • Marc Levenson

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  1. Lucas

    I would like to know about how aggressive snowflake eels are

    • Amy King

      Hey Lucas! Snowflake eels definitely aren’t aggressive. They are one of the easier and more laid-back morays that you will run into!

      • Lucas

        Alright thank you also they eat anything they will fit in their mouths right

        • Amy King

          They have teeth and they have mouths, so yes they have that ability. Snowflakes have blunt teeth, much like zebras. Perfect for crushing crustaceans. With any eel, I always suggest a QT process, to make sure your new addition is properly acquainted with the frozen food of your choice. As always, a well fed eel, is a happy eel.


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