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Lifegard Aquatics
had a big booth at the Global Pet Expo and were displaying several new products that are designed to make the lives of hobbyists easier.  We’ll go through all of the different items one at a time, but this is something that everyone needs.  If you have ever gone away from your tank for a few days and tried to feed your tank with an automated feeder, you probably ran into one of several common issues.

The new IntelliFeed automated feeder is a next generation design that incorporates enhanced controls as well as an optional power adapter to eliminate a battery failure stopping the feeding.  The interface is roughly the same as previous feeders, however you can configure up to 12 daily feedings for tanks with fish that need constant food offers.

Most importantly, the IntelliFeed adds a cool engineering feat that protects the food from getting wet or damp and ruining your feeding plan.  A lot of people had issues with these types of feeders getting slightly wet and the food would clump together in the unit.  The IntelliFeed exposes the food opening only during a feed.  When the feed starts, the end of the feeder moves out about an inch, spins around and allows the food to drop out the bottom, and then slides the food container back into a shielded area where it keeps the food dry.  The IntelliFeed will be available this month from Lifegard.

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