Live Sales

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”32754″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center” css_animation=”appear”][vc_column_text]Live Sales are Realtime community events hosted by vendors. has a unique online realtime sale system for vendors to host live sales.  [/vc_column_text][themeone_spacer height=”51px”][themeone_header type=”h2″ txtalign=”txt-center”]

Live Sale Features

[/themeone_header][themeone_divider style=”solid” color=”#000000″][themeone_spacer height=”25px”][themeone_icon_txt title=”We put the LIVE back in Live Sales.” position=”left” size=”fa-5x” color=”accent-color1″ icon=”general-chats”]Every sale has an integrated chatroom where the vendor can interact with customers. Items for sale are automatically announced, and the vendor can also run contests and deal with customer questions in real time.[/themeone_icon_txt][themeone_icon_txt title=”Autoposting” position=”left” size=”fa-5x” color=”accent-color1″ icon=”general-clock”]Products are automatically made available to buyers at the time you specify.  For example, you can choose to post a new coral frag every minute for 60 minutes as a “Power Hour”.  New products appear in realtime on the live sale page, and are also posted directly to the live sale thread in your vendor forum, for the old-school live sale feel.[/themeone_icon_txt][themeone_icon_txt title=”Inventory Management” position=”left” size=”fa-5x” color=”accent-color1″ icon=”business-shop-cart-add”]Products can be uploaded to the live sale system in advance in a common Excel or CSV file format.  You can also add a new product at any time throughout the sale.  Products are displayed in your private live sale administration portal.[/themeone_icon_txt][themeone_icon_txt title=”Realtime Sales Announcements” position=”left” size=”fa-5x” color=”accent-color1″ icon=”general-electronic-megaphone”]Items in your sale appear on the live sale page automatically, without the user having to reload the page or forum thread. This makes for a much more exciting experience, as users count down to the next sale listing and try to grab items before other users.[/themeone_icon_txt][themeone_icon_txt title=”Classic Mode (Forum Thread)” position=”left” size=”fa-5x” color=”accent-color1″ icon=”general-picture-list”]New products are automatically posted to a thread in your forum, for the users who like the old style of live sales.[/themeone_icon_txt][themeone_spacer height=”51px”][themeone_header type=”h2″ txtalign=”txt-center”]


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  • You must be a registered Vendor in good standing (REGISTER)
    • Must be a vendor for a minimum of 3 months to create a live sale
  • You must have a date for the sale selected.  It is recommended that you pick a date two weeks in advance.
  • You must have the following rules/policies before creating the sale:
    • Rules for the sale
    • Shipping policy
    • Return policy
  • Live Sales require the approval of a moderator.
    • Upon creating a live sale, a moderator will email you to review the details of the sale and help you get started.

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Creating Your Live Sale

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  1. Go to
  2. Click
  3. Enter the Title of the sale (something catchy!)
  4. Add an Announcement including details of the sale.  Include links to your return policy and shipping details.  You can also include a nice banner image to be displayed at the top of the live sale pages.
  5. Select the start date and end date for the event.  Pay attention to the timezone you are in and AM/PM for sales that end at midnight.
  6. Select a Stock Management method:
    1. Automatic – Items are marked as purchased as soon as a user clicks on the link on
    2. Manual – You control when items are sold via the Live Sale Admin Portal
  7. Click “Save and Add Products”
  8. You will be redirected to the landing page for your sale.
    1. Some items on this page are only visible to you
  9. Add and schedule products either individually or in bulk with the CSV import

CSV Sample File: sample-live-sale-import[/vc_column_text][themeone_spacer height=”51px”][themeone_header type=”h2″ txtalign=”txt-center”]

Managing Your Live Sale

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  1. Coming soon

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For more information on the Live Sale system, please feel free to contact us.



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