Live Sales are Realtime community events hosted by vendors.

Live Sales typically run for less than 24 hours and are usually hosted at night.  During live sales, a vendor will announce new items for sale every few minutes and each item is “first come first served”.

During the sale you will be able to view a real time chat session with the vendor and all of the buyers.

The seller can add items to the sale at any time, or they can schedule all product listings in advance (down to the minute).

When the time of the sale comes, go to the live sale page and greet your visitors in the chat room.  This is YOUR CHAT ROOM.  You are the voice of the event.  It helps to do the following:

  • Format your messages a certain way so they stand out
  • Offer some trivia questions or contests throughout the sale to keep buyers involved
  • You can post anything you want in the chat to make your event memorable

The live sales page will automatically refresh for your visitors.  They do not need to click on the refresh button, items will be revealed at the top of the page at each specified time and will also be announced in the chat room.

Within the admin page there is an option to relist any items that have been sold if the buyer is unable to complete the sale.

The Live Sales System is available for Premier Vendors only. If you are already a member of the Premier Vendor program, you can schedule your live sale here:

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 3.50.14 PM

The live sales system is a Real Time Application.  Buyers and Sellers do not need to refresh their browsers or wait for things to happen.  All sale announcements and inventory items are displayed automatically for desktop and mobile browsers.

Guests can talk to each other in a live chat room and even ask questions of the seller with no delays.  Guests can also play multiplayer games while waiting for new products to be announced.

Buyers can ask questions directly and the seller can respond for all members to see or in private.  Questions about inventory, shipping and terms are answered immediately by the seller’s staff.

Users can receive a private message for every product that they buy.  In addition they receive purchase notifications from the seller’s website and payment systems.

Chat Images are an easy way to post graphics to all online members.  Post:

  • Banners
  • Funny photos
  • Photoshop contests
  • Trivia

All image formats supported.

You can sell hundreds or even thousands of items at once with ease:

  • Automatic Sales or Manual Mode
  • Upload entire sale as one Excel spreadsheet
  • Sort items by hour in our GUI
  • Drag & Drop items from one hour to the next
  • Realtime tally of total sales, top buyers, and more

Choose how you want to get notified of sales:

  • Instant Private Message to buyer and seller
  • Complete Sale Log sent to admin by email at the end of each event
  • Your existing e-commerce sales notifications will still be sent