Live viewing of a coral spawning event starting tonight!

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Live viewing of a coral spawning event starting tonight!

Montastraea franksi spawning.

Point your browser at starting tonight for the next three nights for a chance to watch a large boulder star coral Orbicella annularis (formerly Montastraea annularis) spawn.

According to Erin Sams (on coral-l) and Kelly Mendelow of Wild Goose Imaging, the spawning can happen either the next three to four nights or sometime in September:

This year the spawning is predicted to occur between Tuesday, September 24th and Thursday, September 26th.  However, the spawning could happen as early as between Monday, August 26th and Wednesday, August 28th.  According to the data collected by Stephen and Alexander, spawning should occur after sunset, 5 days after the full moon.

For more information on the event, head over to Wild Goose Imaging’s blog.  For those wanting a bit of a preview, here is a 2009 spawning event in the Caymans:


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