LiveAquaria Professional Reef Salt Mix

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liveaquaria saltLiveAquaria is known far and wide as a top-notch online retailer of fish and coral, supplying healthy, beautiful animals to hobbyists around the world. Part of their success can be attributed to the exclusive salt mix that they formulated to use at the LiveAquaria Coral Farm & Aquatic Life Facility in Rhinelander, WI. And starting on October 2, that salt mix will be available to the public!

From the press release:

Formulated for all marine aquariums, including coral reef, fish-only-with-live-rock, and fish-only systems, the Professional Reef Salt Mix contains all essential major, minor, and trace elements found in natural seawater. Enhanced calcium, magnesium, and potassium levels – in carefully balanced ratios – support vibrant growth in reef aquariums.

Before release to the public, LiveAquaria Professional Reef Salt Mix had to pass rigorous testing criteria to meet the 30,000-gallon coral farm’s high-volume demands. It had to mix clean and clear with no residue, it had to be formulated with the highest-quality raw materials, and it had to be made in small batches to ensure consistency. The result is a superior salt mix perfected for show aquariums of all sizes.

Advanced reef keepers will especially appreciate LiveAquaria Professional Reef Salt’s finely-tuned parameters. As LiveAquaria Director and 2012 MACNA Aquarist of the Year Kevin Kohen explains, “It mixes up at much lower alkalinity than other brands (around 9 dKH), which I think is perfect for hobbyists who primarily grow Acropora and other Small Polyp Stony corals.Furthermore, if you’re already a LiveAquaria customer, and begin using our salt in your home aquarium, you’ll be giving new arrivals a head start on acclimating safely, since the salt parameters will be better calibrated between our reef systems and yours.”

LiveAquaria Professional Reef Salt Mix will be carried by and in three sizes: a 53-gallon bag, a 180-gallon bucket, and a 205-gallon box.

liveaquaria salt

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