A Look at the Tunze Recirculation Pumps

by | Feb 7, 2016 | DIY, Reef, Science, Tanks | 0 comments

tunze pump - reefs
Return or recirculation pumps have long been a part of the Tunze product line and this year, the company has added a couple of new models. This article will introduce the new pumps and also offer some general advice on Tunze product applications. Tunze offers 3 lines of recirculation pumps known as the e-Jet, Comline and Silence pumps. Flow rates range from a nominal 65 gph for small reactors up to 2900 gph for closed loops and large systems, and two of these models are DC controllable pumps.

tunze e-jet

Tunze’s earliest line of pumps is the e-Jet series. These pumps are multipurpose and may be used as conventional powerheads, in-sump return pumps, or as quick polishing filters. Most notable for use as return pumps are MORE

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