Lucy the Octopus

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Though it doesn’t seem like it, winter is well underway here in the Northern Hemisphere. It seems that the seasons are all getting pushed back, and everything is happening about 1.5 months late, which means the storms are still on their way. I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things is to get snowed in – nothing to do but eat snacks, hang out with my family, and watch movies (and, this year, play with my ridiculous kitten). To that end, I present to you this adorable collection from Caskata tableware, the perfect things to serve up your food and drinks while watching the world turn white!

Caskata is a woman-owned company located in Wellesly, Massachusetts, and their philosophy is perfect: “We make dinnerware and glassware because we love to entertain- not in the stuffy, formal way, but in the belly-laughing-until-you-cry sort of way. We love gathering around the table, with good food, drink and lots of stories. We believe cooking is a creative way of expressing love, and sharing that with family and friends brings us much joy. To us, making it all look beautiful is a real part of that experience.”
They have been featured in dozens of magazines and social media sites, including Better Homes and Gardens, Architectural Digest, and Vogue, and now they can be featured in your own home!

The Lucky the Octopus line seems especially fitting for you, our readers and subscribers, and I must say, the quality looks top-notch! “Lucy, our beloved octopus is clearly in a league by herself. Endlessly playful, this best-selling denizen of the deep has wrapped her arms around our finest creamy white porcelain, glassware and textiles, bringing a sense of deepwater whimsy to the table.”

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