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Current USA’s presence at MACNA 2016 can be summarized with one four letter word: LOOP. The company has been a leading manufacturer for the budget-oriented aquarist, making products that blend functionality with an affordable price tag and LOOP proves that Current evolves with the market needs while still delivering to their customer base.

What is LOOP? It is an environment of connected devices, communicating with one another via a central HUB/controller and with an upcoming mobile app using Bluetooth interface.

Current new LOOP family of products on MACNA in San Diego

Current new LOOP family of products on MACNA in San Diego

The LOOP system debuted this year with three groups of devices available on day one- a DC controlled return pump, a series of propeller pumps, and an Orbit LED light. They come ready to be hooked up to the controller and can be controlled with an included remote.

LOOP controller is in the center of the whole system. With it, you can control all current and future LOOP devices. It comes included with the new series of LED light fixtures, called Orbit IC LED. The LED light is available in 5 different lengths: 18″, 24″, 36″, 48″, and 72″.

Current Loop system on a display tank at MACNA

Current Loop system on a display tank at MACNA

The kit also contains an Orbit IC Light Manifold HUB, to which you can hook up not only up to 2 light panels, but also 3 wave pumps, another new product from Current.

Current Loop eFlux wave pumps

Current Loop eFlux wave pumps

The propeller wave makers are called eFLUX and there are 3 different models. You can hook them up to the IC Light Manifold and/or use a dedicated eFlux Wave Pump Manifold HUB that handles up to 3 pumps. EFlux are DC powered pumps, with fully adjustable flow strength and 3 pre-programmed wave patterns.

Current LOOP flow pump

Current LOOP flow pump

The last segment of the LOOP system consists of three models of DC flow pumps that come with their own controller, can be run submersed or in-line outside the sump and are fully programmable, just like other LOOP connected devices.

LOOP is a very interesting new product family and a step in the right direction for Current. Check back for further coverage of LOOP and check out our gallery of pictures from the MACNA booth, as well as an interview with Current USA Vice President of Sales, Mr Steven Berlin, below

INTERVIEW with Steve Berlin @ MACNA 2016 in San Diego


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