MACNA 2016 COVERAGE: Geo’s Reef Booth

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MACNA 2016 saw Geo’s Reef debut at a major aquarium trade show, a promising sign for this custom aquarium manufacturer based in Newark, OH. Through years of producing high-quality, long-lasting equipment for the aquarium hobby, the company made a name for themselves as a “go-to” manufacturer for calcium reactors, various media reactors, and frag rack systems.

GEO's Reef booth at MACNA 2016 in San Diego

GEO’s Reef booth at MACNA 2016 in San Diego

Geo’s Reef new addition for the 2016 is perhaps the most impressive item yet. The jaw-dropping new sump series, code name “R”, is everything you would ever dream of in a sump and more, all at a price that isn’t outside the realm of most aquarists’ budget.

GEO's Reef new "R Series" sump

GEO’s Reef new “R Series” sump

I had a pleasure to talk with Geo’s Reef CEO, Mr. Serdar Ercan, who explained in brief the magic behind the “R” series of sumps.
The new sump line consists of 4 models, from the smallest SU24R, measuring 24”x15”x15” and holding a little over 23g of water, through SU30R and SU36R, holding 29g and 35g, respectively, to the largest model, the SU46RD, with dimensions of 46”x15”x15” and a capacity of almost 45g.
I have to admit, Geo’s Reef sump was my favorite piece of equipment shown at MACNA 2016 and will definitely be my choice for sump if I upgrade my tank.

Where to start?

GEO's Reef R series sump close up

GEO’s Reef R series sump close up

Every sump in the “R” line looks and feels amazing. They are constructed from high-quality, US-made acrylic panels, cut, glued and polished to the highest standards. That’s just the beginning though- the number of features and clever design choices packed in this gem of a sump is astonishing. Every model in the line comes with an incredible list of features:
-a built in (but removable) fluidized canister (two for SU46RD) that you can use to run GFO, carbon, or other media
-heater holder(s)- a clip that holds an aquarium heater
-probe holder- holds standard temperature, ph, ORp, and other probes
-dosing holders- a built in quick connect connectors to use for dosing liquid media
-cord outlets- a special cut-out in the acrylic to hold equipment cords
-an adjustable baffle to control level in skimmer chamber
-float tree- a special acrylic holder for float switches
-filter socks complete with holder and plumbing fittings

The back side of R Series sump

The back side of R Series sump

And that’s only a small part of the innovations in sump design Geo’s Reef packed in the “R” series. It’s a fantastic piece of equipment available at a modest price that I would love to get my hands on for further review.
Check out the Geo’s Reef booth gallery of pictures below:

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