MACNA 2017: Eshopps S-Series & X-Series Protein Skimmers

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Eshopps skimmer

Eshopps treated this year’s MACNA attendees with a bunch of interesting new products. About half of this Southern California-based company’s booth was occupied with an extensive display of the brand new line-up of protein skimmers, which the manufacturer came up with for the 2017/2018 seasons.

Starting with the premier S-series line, Eshopps completely revamped their cone shaped skimmer- there are numerous technological advancements and new ideas present in its build. Eshopps calls it EID (Eshopps Intelligent Design) technology and it consist of a series of (patent pending) innovative solutions built right into the new skimmers.Eshopps skimmer

The S-series consist of three models- S-120 rated for aquariums between 40-120 g, S-200 for tanks between 120-260 g and S-300 for the largest systems 260-500 g in volume. At the heart of each of the three models sits a custom made sicce pump (an exclusive for Eshopps) and a completely redesigned bubble plate called Eddy. Eddy Bubble plate contains a series of angled baffles that create a circular movement of bubbles and water before they enter the main reaction chamber. That effect drastically extends contact time and makes bubbles much smaller than what standard bubble plates & venturi produce. In fact, the venturi  attached to S Series sicce pumps is transparent, which means that any calcium buildup can be easily seen and taken care of quickly. So are the silencer and water column adjustment screw.

Eshopps skimmer

With S-series, Eshopps aimed for ease in cleaning and maintenance. The whole skimmer body has a twist-off base and even the pump itself is on a special bracket that is held with a single screw and a locking mechanism. Similarly, the Eddy bubble plate can be unscrewed from the pump’s outlet and cleaned independently

The X series skimmers, also called Axium, are marketed as a mid-level devices and share a lot with their higher price S-series counterparts. Consisting of four models (x-120 for aquariums between 40-120 g, X-160 for 100-225 g tanks, X-220 for 200-325 g and the largest X-350 for 300-450 g systems), the X-series are built using same custom made sicce pumps sitting internally and identical transparent venture found in the S-series. They differ from the latter in that they lack the Eddy bubble plate and feature a more standard, modular body. They will cost less, naturally.

Eshopps skimmer

Speaking of pricing, the S-series models cost:

S-120 $299.99

S-200 $449.99

S-300 $549.99

While the Axium:

X-120 $209.99

X-160 $299.99

X-220 $379.99

X-350 479.99

There is an impressive number of innovations built right into the new line of skimmers Eshopps presented at MACNA, and I was quite amazed at how well the S-Series model at the booth worked. It was totally silent and produced some of the finest bubbles I’ve ever seen in a skimmer. We were proud to present the “Best of show” to the Eshopps team for their commitment to innovation in reefing hobby equipment.

Eshopps skimmer

Take a minute to check the official page of the S-series and the X-Series of skimmers and stay tuned for more news from the Eshopps MACNA 2017 New Orleans booth!

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