MACNA 2019 Orlando Coverage: Building an Obsession Insulated transport container

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At last year’s MACNA in Las Vegas, I covered Building an Obsession’s TSA approved transport container (HERE), a nifty little jar designed to help reefing folk with live corals get through airport security with no issues. The good people at BAO decided to improve on this clever idea and the end result has materialized in the form of a more resilient, insulated container called Insulated Transport.

The new container has a dual-wall, vacuum insulated stainless steel outer shell and a removable, transparent insert (basically the original transport container) that makes it fully TSA compliant. There are two frag racks built into the insert, each holding 6 frags. The top one is inverted and staggered from the bottom rack and features BAO’s signature locking mechanism that keeps the frag plugs tight no matter how they are oriented in relation to our planet’s gravitational center. A printed copy of TSA rules is included in every container just in case you run into problems with the agent checking your carry-on baggage.

Insulated Transport Container is Building an Obsession’s best transport container to date and a solution for all reefing aficionados who wish to bring corals from shows like MACNA home.

Stay tuned for more MACNA Coverage and reef on!

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