Attend the Saturday night banquet at MACNA to see Vincent Chalias’ keynote: What happened to the coral industry? A quick history of the issues, the causes, and what we can do to fix it.

Vincent is an avid aquarist from an early age, and a graduate of the Marine Aquaculture program from the Montpellier University in France. He’s one of the founders of the first Indonesian Mariculture Coral Farm, and has been culturing corals for over 20 years.

He’s worked in many reef restoration projects in Indonesia and Australia, and installed farms in many places. He has extensively traveled, dived, and photographed the underwater world all over the Indian and Pacific Ocean.

He’s passionate about corals, and their habitat; focusing a lot of his time and love for corals and reef gardening. He has a deep understanding of the marine ornamental industry, and met a lot of the players in this industry, from collectors to retailers. While deeply involved with the Indonesian ornamental industry from early on, he’s witnessed the birth and the fall of their coral industry.


Seating is limited at MACNA’s Saturday Night Banquet, and space is running low. Reserve your seat at dinner now before time runs out by either booking your full conference pass or adding the Saturday Banquet to your current pass!

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