For many years, hobbyists around the globe have integrated smart and adaptive dosing into their reef system. The traditional way of doing this was by dosing x amount of ml of said element per 24 hour period and see how it copes with the consumption rate of the calcium and alkalinity. It works well but you had to remain on top of calibration or it will, without fail, deviate little by little, throwing you off the track in the process until it’s corrected.

ELOS came out with a completely different approach to dosing systems, to eliminate this issue and to encourage my LARS to thrive.

This MACNA, ELOS launched phase 1 of Back to Basic campaign which showcased their new doser called MARE. From the outside, you can see 3-step motor dosers with 3 uniformed dosing bottles and a beautiful GUI next to it.

Looking inside, you see the brilliant thought process that went into designing this unit. The case where the dosing containers sat served multipurpose: they not only they housed the containers, they also housed an industrial grade scales in the bottom that auto zeroed each time bottle was removed. By having the formula of gram per ml, they were able to dose by weight, eliminating the need to calibrate these dosers. Very innovative and practical approach, which makes you wonder: “Why wasn’t this wasn’t thought of before?”

This unit comes with dosing system, dosing containers, bags of calcium, alkalinity, magnesium supplements, as well as ELOS test kits.

Caveat of this is it’s price. Certainly isn’t for everyone but it does provide an interesting and great option for people who want the system to just work with a minimum amount of work. Watch my interview with Francois Neo of ELOS America to talk about this product.

Is this something that you may be interested in incorporating into your system?

Let me know in the comments down below. Happy reefing!

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