MACNA Aquatic Expo 2022 : Behind the Scenes Tour of the Georgia Aquarium

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MACNA’s Aquatic Expo was at Atlanta, Georgia a few weeks ago. One of the perks of this show was that we the attendees of the show had the chance to get discounted tours of Georgia Aquarium, the largest aquarium facility in the U.S.

I got together with my friends from Biota Aquariums and had the privilege of having a behind-the-scene tour of their amazing facility with one of their curators who was extremely knowledgeable and patient.

This short video gives you a glimpse of how things are ran there; as well as some behind the scenes information and personal thoughts. Do come to these shows, immerse yourself and your family in everything that these shows offer, and have a great time! Enjoy the video and happy reefing!


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