MACNA preview: Sicce Wave Surfer electronic wavemaker

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The information below is provided by Aquatic Connection:

sicce_logo.jpgThe new Electronic Control Wave Surfer is designed to simulate real marine currents. It is easy to program with the perfect balance of features for trouble free operation without complicated computers or power controllers.  When used with aquarium pumps, the Wave Surfer permits the creation of multiple currents from different directions inside the tank. Its controls make it simple to regulate the timing of the pumps connected to it.

Customization is possible by setting switching intervals, FEEDING MODE and NIGHT MODE depending on needs of the ecosystem being created. How long pumps stay turned off during the feeding of aquarium inhabitants and how much water movement is reduced during night cycles are controlled by these settings.  The Wave Surfer is the perfect compliment to sicce Voyager and Syncra pumps, but it can be used with any recirculation and stream pump up to 100 watts total for each of the two outlets.

  • Dual outlet pump controller Max 100 watts per outlet
  • Safe – with waterproof cable connection
  • Easy to program and precise
  • Universal – suitable for applications with Voyager, Syncra or “ fast timer safe” pumps up to 100W
  • Automatic night mode – 8hr program to simulate slower water motion typical of night currents
  • Feeding mode – temporary suspension of 4 minutes of the wave program to feed fish
  • Alternate or synchronous flow mode
  • UL/CE/ETL Listed


Here is an instructional video for the sicce Wave Surfer, demonstrating this controller’s ability to generate waves using two “fast timer safe” pumps.

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