Editorial: September 2004

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Because I just got back from MACNA 16, I don’t have time to write much of an editorial. I will say however that two speakers in particular contributed very important data. Rob Toonen, Ph.D. conducted lengthy experiments to determine the effects and/or value of shallow versus deep sand beds, plenums, grain size, etc. His work will be published in this publication in due course. The efficacy of sand beds, with or without plenums has been a source of debate for a decade.

Also, Tim Hovanec, Ph.D. delivered a talk on salt mixes, trace elements, and rearing urchin larvae. Beginning in this issue (September, 2004) an expanded version of this material begins. Both scientists conducted carefully designed experiments to provide reproducible data to bring the light of science to two very controversial subjects.

Following, are several pictures of many of our important contributors that attended the conference. Next month I’ll provide pictures of our sponsors that had booths at the conference.


At MACNA 16. From left to right, Wade Lehman, Morgan Lidster Bruce Davidson, Doug Robbins, and Randy Donowitz.


Rob Toonen, PH.D. One of Advanced Aquarist’s favorite authors.


Richard Harker. Another of Advanced Aquarist’s favorite authors.


Greg Schiemer. One of the best reef keepers I know, and another of Advanced Aquarist’s favorite authors.


Julian Sprung, a favorite author and sponsor in front of his company’s banner.


An outside scene at the MACNA conference with Craig Bingman, Ph.D. in the foreground. Craig’s biochemical insights into reef keeping are legendary. In the background Rob Toonen and Tom Frakes discuss a reef keeping issue.


Dana Riddle, a tireless researcher and author. Dana contributed Advanced Aquarist’s last two Features.


Tim Hovanec, Ph.D., the author of a 3 part series, beginning with this issue dealing with salt, trace element toxicity, good and bad science, etc.


A spectacular seahorse from the exhibit at the New England Aquarium.


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