Feature Aquarium: The Aquarium of Jorgen Svard

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Note: Additional photos can be found in this article’s photo album.helvy.JPG

My first try with this hobby began 1988 with no significant success before 1993. I moved away from the hobby in 1998 when I was planning to move in to a new house. The result was a 5 year break during which time the tank contained Malawicichids because I wanted to have something to look at while I renovated the new house.

Early in 2003 my mentor and good friend Thore Kjellberg called me wondering if I had been thinking to start up a reef again. I told him that, yes, it’s funny that you called right now when I just started to think about a new tank and soon thereafter I started to build a 190 gallon glass tank. When I was done with the tank and it had been filled up with liverock and water, I picked up frags of many hard corals from my friends but soon I was dissatisfied with the length of the tank because I wanted a longer viewing panel. In the beginning of 2005 I started to plan I new tank and in August everything was clear and almost everything was moved to the new tank Included in this article are images from the newly moved system:Garderob.JPG3pic3.JPG

  • Skimmer: Aqua Medic TF 5000 Single
  • Calcium reactor: Aqua Medic closed model
  • Circulation: 1 tunze stream 7000L and 1 Tunze stream 12000L
  • Return pump from sump: As New jet 3000
  • UV: None
  • Nitrate filter: None (I use zeolite)
  • Lightning: 3 x 400 metal halide Coralvue 14000k

Water Parameters

  • Ca 410-430
  • Mg 1300-1350
  • KH 11,5-12,0
  • Nitrate: 0left.JPGmiddle.JPG
  • Phosphate: 0
  • Silicate: 0




  • 1 Pomacanthus Imperator
  • 1 Centropyge loriculus
  • 1 Centropyge Bicolor
  • 2 Amphiprion Percula03.jpgA.Percula01.JPGP-Imperator02.JPG
  • 1 Siganus magnifica
  • 7 chrysiptera Parasema
  • 1 pseudochromis fridmani
  • 1 Pseudocheilinus Hexataenia
  • 2 zebrasoma flavescens
  • 1 Labroides dimidiatus
  • 1 Calloplesiops altivelis
  • 70 hard corals



  • 1 Red seastar
  • 4 sand shifting seastars
  • 80 Astrea snails
  • 1 Fire shrimp
  • 1 cleaner shrimp

If you find my tank interesting and need more information please contact me. My English is not great, but I will attempt to answer any questions that you have.

Best Regards,

Jorgen Svard

Images taken by Jorgen Svard and Max Strandberg (http://hem.bredband.net/maxstr/)


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