Feature Aquarium: The Aqurium Of George Goss

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shot1a.jpgMy name is George Goss. I am a Full Time Theft and Fraud Investigator. I have my tank on my breakfast bar in my apartment. I made it so you can see the tank and corals without obstruction from 3 sides. It is almost like I have 2 tanks. The kitchen side is completely different from the Living room side. I hid all of my wiring because I hate the way wiring and equipment looks when it is all over the place. Especially equipment in the tank! I wanted it so I see a reef and not a bunch of powerheads and such. I have spent approximately $1,000.00 on my tank to date! Thanks for letting me be a part of this and liking my tank. The tank was set up in november of 2003.


  • 10 gallon AGA


    Photo of tank from the top down

  • Prizm skimmer with custom made overflow intake
  • Dual 32 watt PC light with (1) 10k and (1) acintic
  • The hood is cooled with a 4″ computor fan.
  • Rio 90 powerhead
  • Tronic 50 watt platinum heater
  • 25 lbs. fiji live rock (2) pieces only
  • 3 to 4″ sand bed
  • The Sand that everyone always asks about- Super Naturals black calcite sand (Purchased at Tri-city tropical fish in Oceanside, Ca.)



  • Blue Brain
    • $30.00 LFS (girlfriend picked it out)
  • Red Brain
    • lucky find at LFS $24.99
  • Yellow Fiji Leather
    • $39.99 (My favorite all time coral)LivingRoomSidetank07-04.jpg
  • Teal Polyp Devils Hand Leather
    • $5.00 from local reefer
  • Pacific Finger Leather
    • $24.99 LFS
  • Tonga Fuzzy mushrooms
    • $39.99 LFS (girlfriend picked out) (Runner-up for all time favorite coral)
  • Solid Blue and Blue Striped Mushrooms
    • 1st coral ever in the tank.
    • $39.99 LFS
  • Orange Plate Coral
    • Free from my old man!YellowLeather05-04.jpg
  • Green Star Polyps
    • $5.00 LFS and the bane of my existance!
    • It stings everything and causes major headache!
  • Candy Cane Coral
    • $5.00 from local reefer
  • Orange Ricordias
    • $25.00 for both LFS and local reefer.
  • Wild Xenia
    • $39.99 Low growing mat non-pulsing.
    • There are remnants left from the main piece that I sold.FuzzyMushrooms05-04.jpg
  • Orange and Green Zooanthids
    • $5.00 from local reefer. less than 10 in the tank.
  • Galaxy Coral
    • $15.00 from Local reefer.
    • (Third Runner up for all time favorite coral)


  • Yellow Clown Goby
  • Dusky Jawfish
    • $19.99 LFS In tank since June.
    • Great Fish that lives in a burrow under my live rock. His eyes glow irradescent blue and he sits out with his head just of his hole. When he gets pissed off he makes his jaws super huge! I feed my fish mysis shrimp every 3 days. Mysis shrimp are very nutritious and high in fat!

Clean-Up Crew


  • Daily
    • Put Kalk/Freshwater mix into my DIY timed drip top-off.SmallBrain07-04.jpg
  • Weekly
    • Water Tests (Calcium and Alkalinity) That’s it!
  • Every two weeks
    • 30% water change by syphoning the crud off of the top
    • layer of sand and anything on the live rock.
    • Clean skimmer and replace carbon. (I run carbon because of the leather corals































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