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This image is typical flora and fauna found around the waters of Catalina Island California. IMO, this would make a lovely display. Of course a chiller would be needed as well as strong lighting for the kelp. Harvesting of the kelp may help to keep the nitrates low in the system and serve as a kind of algae filter.

Cobalt – 728

Flora and Fauna Seen in Image

The Garibaldi damsel fish ( Hypsypops rubicundus ) is California’s state fish. The giant kelp ( Macrocystis sp) grows as tall as 300-feet, and can grow 2-feet daily. Note the beautiful sea-fan.

Technical Information

The photograph was taken using a Nikonos 5 camera with a 15 mm lens. I used 100 ASA Fujichrome Sensia film 105. The strobe was set on full power and the F stop was F11.The water was very clear with plus 60-foot visibility. The water temp was 60F. I love diving in Catalina with the beauty of the kelp forest rivaling any coral reef I have been on.

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