Hot Tips: Aiptasia Control

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I see Aiptasia I nuke them with Kalkwasser. I just mix a bit of kalk in
a small glass with warm water untill it is thick. I use a test kit
syringe and suck the slurry up. Turn off the circulation pumps and pump
a bit of kalk paste on the anemones oral disk. It should stick being so
thick and cover the area. You can turn the pumps back on after kalking
is all done, it shouldnt blow around the tank. If the ifection is bad
just do a few a day so you don’t have to worry about a pH jump.


took two doses on the big mother Aiptasia and I introduced a pepermint
shrimp. Though I’ve never seen her eat them, there are no more new baby


I’ve had
good luck with pepermints. The first one I put in my tank went right
for the biggest aptasia I had. It reached right down the oral disc and
ripped it’s insides out. I wish I would have been filming!



very easy, very cheap, 100% effective method is to get a stick lighter
that people use to light BBQs and just torch the spot the anemone is on
for about 20 seconds. Kills a dime sized spot of rock, but it quickly
recovers. Works well for majano anemones as well, or for killing any
living thing you don’t want in your tank.

Peppermints are great
if you can keep them in high density and they are permanent. Aiptasia
will come back if you remove the shrimp though. There are also issues
with peppermints occasionally eating zoanthids and clam mantles as well.

Matt Wandell

My 100% effective approach is to quarantine all rocks and corals: no pests!


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