Hot Tips: Best Innovation of 2005

A selection of useful tidbits of information and tricks for the marine aquarist submitted by Advanced Aquarist’s readership. Readers are encouraged to post them to our Hot Tips sticky in the General Reefkeeping Discussion forum or send their tips to for possible publication. Next month’s Hot Tip theme will be “Nano Reefs“.


Best Innovations of 2005:

I think the most obvious one is TRA Vol. 3. I waited and waited for this book, and it was well worth the wait taking a different approach then the first two made if a very informative book that was able to cover new topics. Since it was from a new angle is comlemented the series very well. Any book with a link to RDO in it is good with me!

Submitted by: Ben


The reef aquarium volume 3. No need to comment it speaks for itself.

Seconded by: smit1260

VorTech Magnetically coupled pump for water circulation..Hands down….

Submitted by: leftovers

Precisely, best developement of the year.

Seconded by: jetaero

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