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A selection of useful tidbits of
information and tricks for the marine aquarist submitted by
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Favorite Websites: You
gotta love underwater photography right?

— Ben


— Righty

I’ll read anything DIY. If this guy is already known here I
appologize. I’m a big fan of Melev. Not only does he sell his
stuff but he teaches you how to build it too.

Some nice DIY on this guys site too.

— Newbler

— Rob_Reef_Keeper, good info
source for food sources for the finicky eaters. I figure if the
girls there figured out how to feed their ponies my clownfish
should be able to be fed.

Foreign sites are also good info sources. Different cultural
views of the same subject. watchout for that tricky metric

Manufacturer sites are also informative (albeit skewed to certain
products). Tank manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, and
chemical/salt manufacturers.


— rcsheng !!
For all your identification needs (well, most of them).

— wade

— Sugar Magnolia

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