Hot Tips: Getting Rid of Excess Frags

A selection of useful tidbits of information and tricks for the marine aquarist submitted by Advanced Aquarist’s readership. Readers are encouraged to post their tips to our Hot Tips sticky in the General Reefkeeping Discussion forum or to send their tips to for possible publication. Next month’s Hot Tip theme will be “Aiptasia Control“. Some people are new at getting rid of their excess coral growth and it would benefit them to find out how to work out deals with their LFS, etc.


Getting Rid of Excess Frags

Join or start a local reef club. You will be surprised at how many reefers live within driving distance.

— Wazzel


Twice a year or so I would advertise on this board for free frags & no shipping. I get local hobbiest to come & take what I have & some of them that know my set-up would bring frags of corals I do not have myself. Great way to meet people close to my area that are serious hobbiest.

— osama

I take them to the LFS for store credit. He typically will take just about anything I bring in.

I can’t remember the last time I had to use real money to buy anything at the LFS. I always have a nice store credit in my wallet. 🙂

— Louey

A”Frag’a’Mail Service”. Person pays the shiping for the frag, kinda like a suprise frag. You just don’t know what you might get. But within each family, so if you want a softy,LPS,SPS and so on you specify. Kinda like good will towards reefers type deal. Kinda hoakie but fun to me. I wouldn’t mind recieving a mystery coral. Or maybe a round robin thing where we have one container and it goes to diffrent people and around the land it goes.

— JoeW

Local reef club fragswap. As a matter of fact, I’m off to one today!


I’ll take in a bunch of mushrooms, calustrea, kenya tree frags, and get some cool stuff!

I also give frags away to people who need them after a tank crash, or they’re getting back into the hobby. (Whether actually setting up a new tank, or just a-refound interest in the tank they have.)

— Bingo


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