How do you handle your tank temperature in the summer?

by | Jul 15, 2007 | 0 comments

I am pretty low tech in the cooling of my tank in the summer, I have the air conditioner running in the apartment and I use a fan to direct cool air over the waters surface. If I had a really large tank (upwards of 100 gal) I would consider the use of a chiller.

Submitted by: martin1042

The fan on clothes-peg, the price $1. Two fans (one of them in sump) keeps the temperature presently 26C-27C.
On night one is switched off. Recently in Moscow was very hot – 32C, fans successfully coolled tank 155 gal.

Submitted by: Andrey Ospin

I use fans. I have two Ice cap “smart” fans in the hood blowing across the tank that run all the time. When the MH come on the fans increas in speed and push more air into the hood. I have one small fan that blows into the sump all the time and a large fan that comes on with my actinics and goes off about 1/2 hour after the actinics go off. Tank temp fluxes between 79 and 80.5. I use a heater to keep the tank temp from falling below 79. The heater only comes during the night hours in the winter.

Submitted by: Wazzel

Fans, Room AC, and on my next tank, a chiller. It’s cheaper than running an air conditioner when I’m not here all day.

Submitted by: Bingo

Mine is about as lowtech, notech as you can get. I positioned my tank so that two central air ducts on the ceiling can be adjusted to blow down at an angle towards the top of the tank. The tank is topless, and the light fixture is hung 9″ above the tank so it stays pretty stable. I keep the air set on 73 here in the summertime. The tank stays at 79.5 at night and rises to 80.5 during the day. If I do bump the air up to, say, 75 degrees the tank temp rises up accordingly. On a larger tank, I’d go with fans top and bottom or a chiller, but only if this method failed me.

Submitted by: ufotofu

Central AC (keeps me cool too) + fans on temp controller…

Submitted by: ChrisRD

I have an exhaust fan blowing from the tank built in area to the outside. I also have a fan that blows across the water surface only when the MH lights come on, and a fan on a ranco temp controller in the sump.
However, I bit the bullet and invested in a 1/3 hp prime tower chiller for the temp spikes my area gets over the summer.

Submitted by: Thales

I have fans also. I have some 1 gallon juice containers that are filled with water that I freeze and float one when I get home from work. My canopy hangs from the ceiling well above the tank.

Submitted by: pcardone