reefs magazine

Fall 2008

Editor's Note - Fall 2008



[FONT=Arial]Welcome, I’m excited to present the latest issue of Reefs Magazine. We’ve taken some time to step back and reconsider the focus and scope of the publication and you will notice some changes –chief among them the name. Reefs Magazine was created with the intent of broadening the appeal to reef keepers around the globe and the content will increasingly reflect this global perspective. Though Manhattan has been dropped from the title, we will continue to have our roots in the Tri-State area and the publication will strive to position itself editorially and aesthetically through this lens of familiarity. We have also adopted a quarterly schedule that falls roughly in sync with the four seasons. That’s four information packed issues annually— and we’ll start off the new format with this offering for Fall 2008.

The current issue is big in many ways. We have an extensive interview with the renown Dr. Sanjay Joshi. You’ll learn what’s behind the photon man who tirelessly tests every bulb and ballast for us in the hobby. Jim Curry gives us the second part of his coral propagation series. Brett Bingman conducts a great interview with San Francisco’s Matt Wandell from the Steinhart aquarium as they prepare to launch their incredible new facility. Randy Donowitz will begin his column “Did I say That?” which unearths some of his long lost articles for beginning reef keepers. Our chosen Fall feature teams Paul Baldassano with Dom Cirigliano to educate us on what’s available and aquarium worthy in our local north-east waters. I will begin a Going Green series, sort of a retro way of reef keeping in response to both rising energy costs and a concern for the environment. There’s even more to read as you’ll soon see.
There are some people I need to thank who helped make the new Reefs Magazine possible. First Josh Saul for providing his vast technical programing skills, Randy Donowitz for taking on all the time consuming editing responsibilities, and Dom Cirigliano for his invaluable input and advice while assembling this issue. A special thanks also goes to Don Dia for his help in the design and layout of the first two issues. You all have helped create what I hope will become the next big thing in our little hobby.
[FONT=Arial] Please enjoy our new Reefs Magazine and tell all your reef friends about it.


– Jonathan Hale[/FONT]