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Fall 2009

Editor's Note - Fall 2009

Editor’s Note Fall 2009

The cool moist air is punctuated with the familiar slap of leather and crack of ball on bat acknowledging a decades old truism: NY is and always has been a baseball town. This particular season finds me staring squarely at my worst sporting nightmare as two bitter enemies of my hapless rooting interest battle it out for another year’s worth of bragging rights. In ways too many to describe, this Fall can, in this context, only be considered nothing short of a disaster.

My tank too has been causing me some sleepless nights, though it seems as though disaster has been avoided. Sadly, I can‘t say the same for several other veteran aquarists I know. It got me thinking that an issue of Reefs Magazine dedicated to a variety of aquatic disasters might, while sobering, prove a valuable opportunity for our readers to learn quite a lot about what, despite the best of intentions and preparations, can go wrong and how some of the very best among us respond.

As a member of a local reef forum recently put it, “it does noobie hearts good to know that even the top reefers have problems as well…. it is helpful to know that we are not alone.” And so, Simon Garratt, Rich Ross and Lissa Mann provide us with detailed accounts of the aquarium disasters that recently beset them, and though their circumstances were quite different, their conclusions are remarkably similar. Christine Williams shows us how to marvel at the circumstance and laugh in the face of misfortune. Chris Jury explores the variety of disasters that plague our wild reefs and our interview with Rob Toonen echoes these concerns tempered with a note of optimism. I couldn’t in good conscience present you with an all doom and gloom issue, so our feature this month is from Charles Delbeek who takes us through his journey diving the fantastic reefs of Anilao, Philippines– a country, quite ironically, that is often the poster child for man-made reef disasters. Finally, be sure to check out the Art Gallery where Lissa shares some of her outstanding non-aquarium related photographs.

So, there you have it. Our Fall lineup, our very own aquatic murderer’s row –Garratt, Ross, Mann, Williams, Jury, Toonen and Delbeek.