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Fall 2010

Editor's Note - Fall 2010

Having my aquariums on public display affords me countless opportunities to interact with and educate many non-hobbyists about the animals in my care. Questions that range from ridiculous to insightful are constantly coming my way. Among the most common queries are two that I actually have difficulty answering—" How old are those fish and how long do they live?" With a few notable exceptions, I don’ t really know exactly how old my fish are. I can spout off how long they have been in my care, and how long I’ve known others of the same species to live, but the truth is I don’t really know how to judge a fishes age and I know of little hobbyist level research that details the longevity of marine fish either in the wild or in captivity.

Against this backdrop, Reefs Magazine is very pleased to present as our Fall feature the work of J. Charles Delbeek and preeminent marine ichthyologist John E. Randall which examines in detail the issue of aquarium fish longevity. Data on life spans both in the wild and in captivity are explored, and some surprising conclusions are reached. The rest of the issue is filled with questions and answers as well. Jake Adams answers many of the questions surrounding the basics of LED lighting, Chris Jury continues his exploration of the question of the proper temperature for our reef systems, the Skeptical Reefkeeper Rich Ross is back asking all those tough questions you’d expect from a skeptic, Kevin Kohen questions the sanity of Acroholics and their "colored stick" malaise. Matt Wandell channels Shakespeare tackling the " to QT or not to QT" question, and Simon Garratt questions whether it is worth it to bask in the glory that is bestowed upon speakers on the reef club circuit.

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Happy Reefing