reefs magazine

Spring 2009

Editor's Note - Spring 2009

Over the years I’ve noticed that my reefs tend to undergo seasonal changes. I can’t be sure why, but the winter and summer months seem to correlate with the majority of my difficulties. Perhaps it is simply the difficulties in dealing with drastic temperature changes. Perhaps it is something else. Spring time, however, always seems to bring about a period of increased growth and vitality. As I reflect on the latest issue of Reefs Magazine I’m buoyed by the fact that our publication and readership has grown too.

In this issue, we offer up growth in many ways – from Simon Garratt’s detailed instructions for growing your own homemade reef structure, to Jim Curry’s final installment in his building a coral propagation system series. Dominick Cirigliano grows some mysterious green liquid and I grow cyanobacteria. Part one of our in-depth interview with Terry Siegel in a very real sense documents the growth of this amazing hobby of ours. Pedro Nuno Ferriera is back with some cautionary words about animals that could very easily eliminate any growth you might have in your system and Jason Edward’s reef demonstrates that he can grow just about anything. Lissa Mann lays out some very specific and user friendly advice for helping you document all this growth and showcases some of her own stunning photos too.

We hope you enjoy this latest offering.