reefs magazine

Spring 2011

Editor's Note - Spring 2011

I just returned from a wonderful weekend at the NERAC conference at Atlantis Marine World. Saw some amazing aquariums, heard some fantastic and inspiring talks and spent some quality time with friends old and new. It got me thinking that of all the intriguing and compelling aspects of our hobby, it is the notion of relationships that is fundamental. Relationships between you and your systems, your local dealers, clubs, communities and friends— these are what really drives success in the hobby.

The Spring 2011 issue of Reefs Magazine marks some very special new relationships for us. While our roots are forever embedded in the seminal soil of the Manhattan Reefs community, we would like to acknowledge our partnership with the newly launched meta-reef site and our sister publication Submerge(d) –the official blog of We look forward to future interactions with these exciting new ventures.

Reefs Magazine itself, will remain unchanged as we continue to bring you the finest, in-depth information our hobby has to offer. Our current offering features a Behind the Scenes look at Atlantis Marine World as Todd Gardner details some of the compelling work that aquarist do out of the view of the public. Jake Adams showcases the spectacular Anampes lennardi an elusive and spectacular wrasse that has recently appeared on the scene. Chris Jury concludes his 3 part examination of coral reef temperature and finally weighs in with some recommendations in The Great Reef Temperature Debate. Michael Lukaczyn introduces us to the Darkside of Reefkeping as he details his experiences keeping non-photosynthetic corals. Matt Wandell continues his series on shoaling fishes with a look at the beautiful Randall’s Anthias and Rich Ross is his skeptical self once again. Finally, James Passantino recounts his hilarious, but not so funny encounter with Palytoxin— all hobbyists need to take note.

Happy Spring,