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Summer 2009

Editor's Note - Summer 2009

Hot fun in the Summertime…… well sort of. Things here in the North East haven’t been exactly Summer-like for the most part. Other than the odd day here and there things can be summed up quite nicely in a word: WET. Yes we’ve seen lots and lots of rain and then some more rain and frankly it is starting to grate on people around here. I suppose all those clouds do have one silver lining and that is the inordinate amount of Summer indoor time and with it the equally odd opportunity to spend the Summer months actually paying attention to our aquariums.

Summer reading usually means beach reading and for some of you perhaps it still does. For us here in the tighter Reefs Magazine orbit we can only hope the coming weeks round into form. Either way, we’ve put together a Summer issue for you that covers a lot of ground from the philosophical to the practical. Our feature comes from Chris Jury who poses a very critical question : “What exactly is a coral ? Simon Garratt returns with some tips for maintaining Lionfish in reef systems. Did you enter the hobby at a young age? 17 year old Julian Di Iorio tells us what the hobby means to him and Dom Cirigliano offers his insights into Seahorse husbandry. We get personal in Part 2 of our interview with the inimitable Terry Siegel and my “Did I Say That” offering recounts my experiences battling the loss of electricity during a prolonged blackout.

Whichever way your Summer fortunes break, we hope you enjoy this issue of Reefs Magazine. As always your comments are most welcome.

Happy Reefing,