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Summer 2010

Editor's Note - Summer 2010

I know the calendar still says it is spring, but after some rather cool and rainy months, it sure feels like summer. It is hot–really hot. Air conditioner and chiller humming, dog days of summer baseball kind of hot. The trees and flowers are in full bloom and the NYC streets are bustling with activity. We’ve been busy too, hunkering down over the past few months to put together an absolutely packed issue for your summer reading pleasure.

In this, our ninth issue, you will find both familiar and new faces and we are very happy to announce that three well known authors have signed on as regular contributors. That’s right, going forward you can count on insightful and entertaining offerings from Kevin Kohen, Rich Ross and Matt Wandell. Are you a skeptical reefer? Well, Rich thinks that perhaps you should be and he sets out to tell you exactly why in Part1 of an ongoing series of articles. Kevin weighs-in on the fishy side of things detailing some new deepwater anthias that are good choices for reef aquariums. Need more reef-safe choices? Matt examines the surprisingly long list of reef-safe butterfly fish. Chris Jury returns with Part 1 of his take on the old reef tank temperature debate. Christine Williams explores the use of Beta-glucan as an immune stimulant for our aquaria and James Passantino is back with more Fish Tales. Finally, newcomer Michael Lukaczyn takes us thorough his journey attempting to keep the alluring and difficult crinoid feather stars.

Here’s looking at a healthy, happy and hot summer season.