reefs magazine

Winter 2009

Editor's Note - Winter 2009

As snowflakes descend upon us and the new year is clearly in our sights, we present to you the winter issue of Reefs Magazine. This issue has achieved one of my original goals, which was incorporating knowledge from people across the reef-keeping world. We are very pleased to offer you two articles from our European friends Simon Garratt and Pedro Nuno Ferreira, both of whom present novel and important insights into the successful husbandry of marine fish species. I hope to be able to continue this global trend. On the North American side of things, our own Dominick Cirigliano adds his “thinking inside the box” wisdom about planning and caring for difficult species and our feature article by Sanjay Joshi details his experiences attempting to breed a new hybrid clownfish.

The RM staff and I have dubbed this the “Fish Issue”, but there is much more to be found inside. Be sure to check out our interview with Cephalopod expert Richard Ross – for the first time available as an audio file for your listening pleasure.

Each of the previously mentioned articles are strong on their own. Presenting them all in one issue gives us the opportunity to present you with a special holiday gift.

I’d like to thank the people that have worked tirelessly to produce this issue: Randy Donowitz, Lissa Mann, and Dominick Cirigliano. Lissa Mann is the newest member of our editorial team whose writing, researching, editing and photographic skills have already made significant contributions to this publication. Special thanks to Josh Saul for continuing technical support and providing a meeting place complete with a reef tank and rock band to help break the tension of magazine production.

Here’s wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year,

Jonathan and the entire Reefs Magazine staff