Marine Aquarist Course Schedule for 2008

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Previous topics have covered everything from the science behind light and lighting to manual construction of acrylic and wood items.

This coming year will offer a host of new, never seen before courses that include:

Reef Microbiology – This course will cover the basics of nutrient flux, bacterial presence and colonization, and focus in tightly to what has been published in the scientific literature recently. The design of the course is such that anyone can learn the details of microbiology as it relates to aquarium maintenance. This course will last for 6 weeks and start in January 2008.

Reef Chemistry – Also on offer starting in early 2008, reef chemistry! This course starts at the beginning and builds a scientific base upon which all aquarists can stand. Topics include alkalinity, acid-base relationships, and even the more complex buffering system in marine aquaria. If you want to know more about why your alkalinity is so low, and what that really means… this is the course for you! This course will last for 6 weeks.

Digital Reefkeeping – How to take images, create webspace (blogs, webpages, photo sharing, etc) on your own! Learn how to create and manage your own domain name and set up an awesome webspace for yourself.

Fish Husbandry – This 8 week course gets into the nitty gritty of culturing, maintenance and the biology behind the fish we keep. Check it out!

Aquaculture in Practice – This course will detail how to culture various living items for your tanks. Everything from algae to zooplankton, this course will cover the details for anyone who wants to learn more about maintenance of a more natural state by growing live foods.

Sounds great, but how does MACO work?

MACO is a web-based instructional website run by instructors who have intimate knowledge of the course they are teaching. Courses are primarily run online via weekly chat sessions, interactive course materials, reading assignments and discussions, and many other avenues just like in a real classroom course, but on your own time! Even if you can’t make a weekly chat session in person, the transcripts from the session will be available to you. Course participants get permanent access to their course on the website and a private forum to post questions to allow users to get to know each other. Instructors can be contacted by email, via the forums, or at the chat sessions during the course to answer your questions or assist you in any way. The website is always available, so the readings and other information can be picked up at any time.

Head over to the Marine Aquarist Courses website for complete details


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