Open Discussion: Kindle / eReader Edition of Advanced Aquarist?

Do you own an eReader or use one of the many eReader apps for your PC, Mac, Blackberry, iPhone/iPad/iTouch, and/or your Android smartphones? Would you like to see Advanced Aquarist available for your eReader? If so, we would like your feedback on creating an eReader optimized edition of Advanced Aquarist!


Amazon Kindle eBook reader.



Barnes & Noble Nook eReader.

Back in January, a commenter requested a Kindle version of one of our books and that post got us thinking about what it might take to make an eReader-ready version of the magazine. Based on what we’ve found, it should be (relatively) straight-forward to make an eReader optimized version. Amazon provides the tools to make a Kindle compatible eBook from our articles and there are conversion tools that can convert that file into other formats that are compatible with Nooks and the like. As proof-of-concept, please open this Kindle version of the June Issue in your Kindle app or if you have a Nook / Kobo / Sony eReader (or your ebook app supports ePub files) open this version of the June issue in your ebook reader. This ebook file was generated using Amazon’s tools and
then converted over to ePub using Caibre, which is a free ebook converter. I can personally verify that the Kindle version looks good (as I own one and have developed this using it) but I can’t verify the looks of the ePub version. I’d be interested in some feedback specifically on that file conversion.

The real question for us as a magazine is if there are enough people interested in an eReader optimized magazine, what format(s) people would like to see made available, and how they would like to obtain them over the web. Right now we’re leaning toward a Kindle version that could be subscribed to through and sent via Whispernet every time a new issue is published.

Please let us know in the comments below what your thoughts are on this new way of reading Advanced Aquarist. We’d like to know a preferred format and anything else you can tell us.

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