Open Discussion: Let’s See Your Metal Halide Lit Aquariums!

by | Mar 15, 2010 | 0 comments

Metal halide lighting is arguably the standard lighting that reefkeepers utilize for sustaining corals in their reef aqurium. We’ve covered metal halide lighting for years here on Advanced Aquarist where we’ve tried to bring you the latest data on new and existing bulbs, ballasts, and reflectors that are available to reef aquarium hobbyst. Whenever the lighting subject comes up at a fragging event or club/society meeting, you’re sure to hear all sorts of opinions on what’s the “best” lighting and why. People spend considerable time pouring over lighting data choosing the right bulb, ballast, and reflecter combination and it’s something that some are very passionate about. Their choices are based on what they believe to be best for both their corals as well as for viewing their corals. Some want that shallow reef look that is given more by the 6500K bulbs and on the other extreme there’s people that want the extremely blue 20,000K look that makes the corals’ colors “pop” when someone views them in the tank.


Greg Timms’ 130 Gallon Reef from Advanced Aquarist’s March 2008 Issue:

Because of their choices in lighting (as well as their individual coral choices), virtually all reefkeepers want to show off their aquariums and it makes for a great time looking at what other reefkeepers have put together and how it’s worked out for them.

Please take a few moments in the comments below to tell us and show us what you have come up with for lighting your tank. Our comments allow you to post photos (Flickr, etc) and YouTube videos, so have at it! We know you want to gush about your tanks. 🙂