Photo Gallery Spotlight: Electric Blue Hermit Crab

by | Jan 15, 2005 | 0 comments

Welcome to the Photo Gallery Spotlight. Each month we’ll showcase a particularly nice aquarium photograph, taking the time to discuss the identification and husbandry of the animal pictured as well as information relating to the technical details of how the photo was taken. Readers are encouraged to send images (and details on the organisms pictured, as well as the details of how they captured the shot) they would like to submit for possible inclusion in this feature to [email protected]. If your submission is selected for use in the magazine, you will receive an item from the or store equal to $25 or less.

Electric Hermit Macro

Here’s a macro shot of an electric blue hermit crab (Calcinus elegans).

I found this species to be really useful in dealing with short hair algae during the initial set-up stages of my tank, but they became rather large and biosterous after a few months, so I traded them.

This image was taken with a Sony Cybershot F717 in macro mode with no flash. The image was taken at a high resolution and then cropped using a photo-editor.