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Advancement has been missing in aquarium arena until ZeroEdge Aquarium Corp. recently introduced their line of ZeroEdge Aquariums. The ZeroEdge deviates from the standard, which aquariums have been built for years and brings aquarium design into the 21st century. It is available in several models to satisfy most tastes. If you can’t find the design you need, ZeroEdge Aquarium will gladly custom build one to meet your specifications. You can view all of the ZeroEdge Aquarium models at


The Tank

The patent pending design of the ZeroEdge is amazing to say the least. It tips the scale with a major WOW factor. If you’ve ever seen one, you would have to agree. The reason…the water overflows the sides of the aquarium into a channel, which surrounds the aquarium. The water flows through this channel into a drain located in the back of the aquarium and down into the sump or bio-filter which sits below the tank under the stand. The industry first Integrated Drain Assembly (patent pending) used on the Compact Series only requires you to set the aquarium on the cabinet stand and the drain connection is complete. The rest of the ZeroEdge series tanks use oversized 2” drainpipes allowing maximum flow. This streamlined plumbing design eliminates leaking bulkheads and drain hoses ensuring years of worry free service. Apart from being easy to set up you will find the draining to be amazingly quiet. Its gentle channeling of water to the sump also cuts down on evaporation. There is no splashing or fizzy bubbles typically found in standard aquariums because there are no drain lines to sumps and messy return lines that agitate the surface water. The result is a crystal clear, glass like look surface.

The Sump

The sump/filter system is a work of art and just as well designed. The sump /filter system is split in half. The front portion uses a simple ‘Berlin method’ sump style having plenty of room for a protein skimmer. This side maintains a 5-6″ water level, which is perfect for most protein skimmers. The back, separated by a black wall is where the integrated refugium, filter and chemical /media chamber areas are. Far left and right are the drain / bubble trapping pockets which are split to allow for feeding the refugium area and media areas. This separation of the drain areas provides a slower flow of water thru the refugium section, which helps to keep the organisms in the refugium from being washed away.


The Benefits of Owning a ZeroEdge

The ZeroEdge is not just an aquarium, but also a work of art. No matter which model you purchase, it is showpiece that will hold your viewers in awe. It’s an aquarium that will long hold it’s value and not become just another aquarium.


The design of the ZeroEdge has a few benefits over its fellow aquariums. Firstly, because of the crystal clear glass like surface, saltwater aquariums will not be as prone to salt creep. Most salt creep build-up occurs from very small air bubbles that fizz and pop at the waters surface. It is caused by the aquariums water return nozzle and surface agitation. Salt creep can also happen in enclosed canopy tops, overnight moisture builds up inside the canopy, then when the lights come on the moisture dries up leaving behind salt creep. The last place it seems to build-up is on and around the sump filter box, this occurs when water is not properly channeled, water crashes and bubbles into the sump causing a large amount of salt creep.

In a ZeroEdge Aquarium, the design makes it virtually impossible for salt creep to occur. These tanks have little or no salt creep due to the steady stream of overflowing water and gentle channeling of water to the sump filter box. Salt creep may occur when the system is allowed to run low on water, this causes the pump to cavitate and intake air (air bubbles are then injected into the aquarium). Depending on the output of your skimmer, you may also get salt creep in the sump/filter area where it is running.

The large surface area is constantly exposed to the air which helps keep the water temp cooler and also promotes oxygenation. Anything that decays in an aquarium helps deplete the oxygen levels. While this is not usually a problem in an aquarium that uses a protein skimmer, aquariums such as freshwater and planted tanks can benefit greatly by the increased surface area exposed to the air that increases the oxygen levels in the water. The surface area of the tank largely determines the amount of oxygen in an aquarium since oxygen enters through the surface area. Additional benefit comes from moving water from the bottom of the aquarium to the surface where oxygen is exchanged for carbon dioxide. The ZeroEdge does a great job circulating the water to allow this gas exchange to happen.

Finally, the patent pending design of the ZeroEdge aquarium provides flexibility when choosing a return pump for your system. Depending on your requirements, an external or submersible pump may be used so you have a wide variety of pumps to choose from. ZeroEdge aquariums have used pumps ranging from the small external pump such as the 400gph Iwaki to the 2400 gph submersible Mag 24.

To summarize the benefits of the ZeroEdge Aquarium:

  • Less salt creep
  • Nominal evaporation
  • Cooler Water Temperature
  • Increased oxygenation
  • Pump Flexibility

The Models

The ZeroEdge aquarium has several different stock models ranging from a small hex measuring 23x20x12 to a monster hex measuring 48” from point to point. In between there are several rectangles and cubes.


The newest models are the FLEX and 3-SIDED series. The FLEX series is the bow front line. These aquariums have a footprint that allows them to fit the standard OCEANIC bow front stands


The 3-SIDED series is the latest work of art from ZeroEdge Aquarium. Its design allows water flow over 3 sides while the fourth side remains dry. This is perfect for the aquarist that would like to use the tank as a room divider in home or office. The dry side also allows for additional power heads or pumps to be attached for additional flow. This aquarium supports the use of Vortech pump by EcoMarine. Whether you want the dry side on a short side or a long side, this aquarium will draw the attention of everyone who sees it.


The Lamp Tree

This patent pending freestanding steel light stand allows for hanging lighting fixtures over an aquarium. It eliminates having to hang your fixture from the wall or ceiling. It’s sleek design and gloss black powder coat durable finish compliments any aquarium. The removable footpad rests on the floor, taking the weight off the aquarium stand or cabinet. The flat mounting plate attaches to the back of most cabinet stands. Should you want to mount this on the wall, simply remove the footpad. It is adjustable in height from 45” to 72”. The removable heads are available in 8″, 12″, 24″ and 36″ lengths to fit most lamp fixtures on the market today. Fixtures 48” and larger require the larger model of the same name.



At first look, you may think that the pricing for the ZeroEdge is a little steep. However, if you look closely at what this price includes, you’ll change your mind quickly. Pricing on most systems include the aquarium, the sump and the stand. When you consider what you’re paying for, you’ll have to agree that it’s actually quite a deal. You get an aquarium that is so unique many consider it custom, you get a sump that serves the purposes of the most astute aquarist and a beautiful stand that matches the work of art it supports.

No matter what type of aquarium you are setting up, the ZeroEdge will be a great addition to your home or office. It will provide your home or office with a feng shui enhancement that will be a focal point, which is both soothing and energizing. It will also be a great home for your fish, corals and/or plants.

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