Our friends Richard Ross and Matt Wandell were recently featured in Wired talking about their expedition to the Philippines and efforts to collect and rear pygmy seahorses.  The incredible photos speak for themselves, Matt and Rich are having a lot of success raising and documenting these super small seahorses.  Rare and seldom seen even in their natural habitat, these seahorses cling to sea fans and gorgonians and have evolved and adapted to imitate their host species.  They rely purely on subterfuge, which is why these up close images are so fascinating for people who have not seen them in the wild.  Be sure to read the entire article, but our favorite quote has to be “Wandell, whose combo of beard and red hair make him look like the sailor from the original GI Joe”.

Remember kids, knowing is half the battle.

Josh Saul

 Josh Saul

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Josh Saul is a technology consultant for large global banks. He has been involved in the aquarium hobby for 15 years and has been SCUBA diving for more than 20.

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