Mark from the WORLD FAMOUS Dive Bus

by | Mar 5, 2016 | Fish, Reef, Science | 0 comments

I did a super fun dive today with our buddy Mark fromThe Dive Bus, the hands down BEST dive shop in Curacao!!!!

Our dive started out rough; we didn’t see anything that was photo worthy and then, as we approached the half way point I spotted this monster lionfish hovering above the reef at around 80 feet! I quickly signaled Mark to swim around to his left side while I stayed on the right, we later called it a lionfish sandwich! As you can see here, this fish never really moved, he or she just hovered there the whole time without a care in the world and let us take photo after photo until we had to leave, as we were running low on air.

The lionfish populations have lessened in the shallows and increased on the deeper reefs due to so many recreational divers hunting them on a regular basis. Quite often we see many lionfish in the submersible down to depths of around 500 feet, how insane is that??


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