Maxi, Mini-Jets are back, along with a new big brother!

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I got this press release from DFW Aquarium supply and I wanted to take a minute to share it with you guys.
Possibly one of the most influential and widely used utility pump in our aquarium trade has come back after brief hiatus.

Here it goes!

We are thrilled to announce that DFW Aquarium Supply, Inc. is now the exclusive North American distributor for
NEWA products! After months of hiatus, the Maxi-Jet and Mini-Jet powerheads that hobbyists love and trust are
once again available here in the USA, Canada and Mexico. These awesome powerheads have been made in the
same Italian factory for almost 30 years and their superb quality is unmatched.
4 models of NEWA Maxi powerheads are available:
– MP400 – 106 GPH, 29″ Max Height, 5W
– MP600 – 160 GPH, 53″ Max Height, 7.5W
– MP900 – 230 GPH, 46″ Max Height, 8.5W
– MP1200 – 295 GPH, 69″ Max Height, 20W

The impressively small and durable Mini 404 and 606 pumps are also back:
– MN404 – 18-106 GPH, 29″ Max Height, 5W
– MN606 – 84-159 GPH, 46″ Max Height, 6.5W
We are excited to also introduce the larger Jet Pumps that are perfect for return pumps and running chillers, UV
sterilizers, injection skimmers, reactors and much more. Two models are currently available with more sizes
coming soon:
– NJ4500 – 1190 GPH, 10’ 2” Max Height, 58W
– NJ6000 – 1585 GPH, 14’ 2” Max Height, 78W

We look forward to offering these pumps as well as other great NEWA products to the community. More
information can be found on our website:
DFW Aquarium Supply, Inc is also the exclusive distributor of Planet Aquariums and Tideline filtration equipment.
We are a full-line distributor that carry all the popular brands and have been serving great local fish stores since
If you own or manage a brick-and-mortar aquarium / pet store and would like to offer these awesome pumps in
your store, please reach out to us at [email protected]

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