Maxspect debuts two high-end LED lights: Ethereal and Glaive

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The Ethereal


The Maxspect Ethereal is a modular LED lighting system that is designed to illuminate a 24×24″ (60x60cm) area.  Users can control the photoperiod, weather simulation, and presumably color and intensity of a single or multiple Ethereal units with their iOS, Android, and Windows devices.  Each Ethereal features ten multi-chip LEDs and what appears to be a central cooling fan.  This light is mounted to aquariums with an integrated clamping arm (where the included wireless transmitter is located).

Advanced Aquarist will share more details about the technology and pricing when they are available.




The Glaive



glave5.jpgThe Maxspect Glaive is an entirely different beast.  It’s a passively-cooled LED strip that features four-core multi-chip LEDs each rated at 7 watts. An infrared remote control system is supplied to turn the fixture on/off as well as adjust four channels of LED.  The fixture is mounted using curved legs designed to sit on the side panels of your aquarium.

The Glaive will initially launch in four different lengths:

  • 16″ (40cm), 25 watts
  • 24″ (60cm), 40 watts
  • 32″ (80cm), 55 watts
  • 48″ (100cm), 70 watts

Additionally, Maxspect will offer two different color versions of the Glaive: one for freshwater (F models) and one for saltwater (M models).  See spectrograph to the right.  The F models use 6000K white Cree EZ1000, 450nm blue, 520nm green, and 620nm deep red LEDs.  The M models use 3000K warm white Cree EZ1000, 460nm royal blue, 500nm blue, and 420nm “super actinic” LEDs.

Prices and availability are to be determined.



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