This small coral may be lacking in the size department but its perfect beauty can be seen and appreciated through this image taken with a Nikon Macro lens.  The detail in the delicate branching and formation along with the pigment variations and striping can not be fully appreciated at first glance with the naked eye.  But when a closer look at this coral is taken, the time and dedication it will take to grow this coral into a sizable colony can be considered and will seem much more worthy.  This coral was grown from a tiny seed fragment with lineage back to Sanjay Joshi.  The common name of this coral is the Blue Spruce.  The species may be a Acropora turaki or similar but a good identification will be difficult until a colony is studied or bare skeleton can be examined.  This coral being captive grown will offer these great traits for years to come and I believe this will be one coral that will be a collectable and in great demand in the future.

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