Whom is the most beautiful chalice of them all. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the undeniable attraction and unique color of this Oxypora lacera is evident. The Oxypora is a fairly fast growing coral grouped into the common named category chalice. It tends to be less difficult to grow and adds mass somewhat faster then some of the other corals that are in this category. This species prefers lower light levels then many other stoney corals and careful acclimation to changes in light is key.  I find these types of corals a great beginner to intermediate specimen and they can be included in most simple reef aquarium systems with great results. The magnificent coloration and vibrant pigments has made this species popular, and the survivability will ensure a long lasting pleasure and low losses. The image is a captive grown specimen grown from a tiny seed fragment acquired from Anthony Plasters, a avid hobbyist. The common name of this coral is Wineberry and with the deep rich burgundy pigments, it is quite fitting.

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