nanoreefwannabe's 5 gallon pico reef proves good things come in small packages

nanoreefwannabe’s impressive five gallon pico reef

Here is more information about this mini-masterpiece (provided by the “artist” himself, Mike):

  • 5 gallon cylindrical aquarium
  • DIY LED fixture consisting of eleven 3W Cree XRE’s (5 cool white and 6 royal blue on separate dimmers)
  • 12x12x12″ custom sump
  • Filtration consists of Purigen, filter floss, Phosban, and GAC
  • Additives include kalkwasser and Kent Marine Essential Elements
  • 50% water changes bi-monthly

Visit nanoreefwannabe’s thread at to read more information about his pico reef, ask him questions, or simply compliment him on his beautiful pint-sized reef.

Here are photos of the tank’s progression over the past two years culminating into the beauty you see at the top of this article:





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