Neptune Systems Announces 3 New Aquarium Controller Systems and Accessories

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3 New Aquarium Apex Controller Systems from Neptune Systems.

The new models include the Apex A3 Pro, the A3 Apex and the Apex Jr. This announcement also marks the 25th anniversary for Neptune Systems monitoring & controlling platforms and an ever growing list of aquarium accessories.

As you would imagine, the Apex Pro ($899.95) is the most robust controller option and it includes many of the same features as the Apex Next Gen model. Neptune added some exciting new features which include:

  • Each A3 system has onboard FMM accessory ports. The A3 Apex Pro has 4, the A3 Apex has 3 and the new Apex Jr will have 2.
  • New accessories bundled with each system:
    • The A3 Pro will include all new, industry-first, Liquid Level Sensor (LLS) which will have the ability to measure and monitor the depth of water and a new optical multi-surface leak detection probe that works on any surface and is epoxied for repeat use.
    • The A3 Apex will include a new Magnetic Optical Sensor that is designed to better prevent water incursion and includes the classic Solid Surface Leak Detector (LD-2).
    • The A3 Jr will be a new, “monitoring-only,” system that offers the same monitoring the A3 Apex offers without the control of the EB832


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